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Hello world!

Another year is upon us.  2012 seems a little better to look at then 2011 for some reason!  Myself, I am sure as others, has things that I would love to do and be able to say that I have accomplished them! I, as a starting photographer, have so many things I would love to do with the business and things that I want to push myself to do! One of those things is to start a blog…so here I am! This blog will hopefully bring you smiles and laughter, maybe some tears and hopefully lots of enjoyment as you follow my journey through this crazy thing called life! I am most importantly a mother to three so be ready for some crazy stories from our family (hence the laughter!) and have been married to the love of my life for 5 years, with that maybe some tears! Speaking of children I know three little kids that need to go to bed!
Till tomorrow..


About klauskreations

Photographer mom to three kids and a wife to a work-a-holic husband! Trying to find my footing in this crazy place we call life. Until then I guess I will keep trying... I can't say you will learn anything life changing here but I hope you will enjoy and stay awhile :)

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  1. christy suever

    Happy New Year.


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