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Oh my I barely made it! I kept getting distracted with simple and silly things around the house and I kept telling myself that I WILL get this blog done today!! Well it is after 11pm here in Ohio and I am GETTING it done! Last night my oldest kept getting on me about starting this bumblebee lego playset he got. I kept putting it off and putting it off but finally last night I decide ok enough is enough i am doing this. I was a bit intimidated because I can’t say i have ever put together an actual “thing” with legos. I am totally one of those people who thinks legos are just for playing around with and not really building anything! So here we sit and “we” are building this. He picks the car to do and I reluctantly agree..little did I know this thing had over 60 steps! Now mind you he is 4 but the ages on it were like 7-13. This thing was HARD! Lets say at about step 20 I had NO helpers except for their sister who is 8 months old and wanted to EAT them. I started this thing dang it and I was finishing it! I wanted to prove to myself and to my husband I could do one! I have to say once I sat down and started doing it I didn’t want to stop! I was addicted to these silly little pieces. I am so proud of this “toy” and I do not want anybody touching it! I told my husband that he could just tear it apart and do the other one that the set does but I find myself being very territorial over this thing! I now realize why kids want these things! I am finding myself fight the urge to go get another one! I felt bad for the kid in Toys-R-Us tonight that found the “new” set and RAN to his mom asking if he had enough money to get this. His mom, now grant you I have TOTALLY been there, just said no and simply didn’t want to look at the price. You could tell she was spent and wanted to leave. I found myself standing there and thinking to myself…I need to try. I need to listen to my kids and realize that I know they want EVERYTHING but some things are really truly important to them. I could see the excitement leave that little boys eyes and I felt that sorrow for him. How those silly little pieces teach you!

I leave you tonight with a picture of my “middle” child. I say middle because we always say he has the middle child syndrome! But I seriously can’t imagine my life without him being the middle. He is the full description of middle. He fills our lives to the fullest everyday. And this little man is turning the big 2 tomorrow! How time does fly! I will be dedicating a post to him tomorrow and what his birth means to me. I am definitely going to have to think on this one because I want the post to reflect him and how blessed he is.

Good night, Sweet dreams, and I have made it to day 3!



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Photographer mom to three kids and a wife to a work-a-holic husband! Trying to find my footing in this crazy place we call life. Until then I guess I will keep trying... I can't say you will learn anything life changing here but I hope you will enjoy and stay awhile :)

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  1. This totally made me LOL! Good job on your masterpiece! And happy birthday to your middle child!!!


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