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My little mockingbird :)

My youngest today was blabbering around, as 8 month olds do, and I heard her say “yes.” I thought to myself I wonder if I keep saying it to her will she say it back. Sure enough she was saying it over and over on demand..that is until she heard the video camera. :::deer in head lights:: 0_0 she wanted nothing to do with anything especially yes! I think this is a syndrome, deer in the high light look, and all three of my children have had it! I think they SMELL a camera! They go from being super cute and doing something new (and my luck the one and only time they will do it!) to staring..just plain staring. Nothing cute, Nothing fancy.

I still got one up on her father though because little miss still hasn’t repeated herself!

And with this I am still on my goal of 365 pictures!




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Photographer mom to three kids and a wife to a work-a-holic husband! Trying to find my footing in this crazy place we call life. Until then I guess I will keep trying... I can't say you will learn anything life changing here but I hope you will enjoy and stay awhile :)

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