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Finally for months and months we haven’t had a date night…and we GOT ONE! So stoked! I wanted to feel like we did pre-kids! So we got a bite to eat at a local place called JT’s. Husband got fish and I got a buffalo chicken sandwich, both of which were fabulous. It was kids, nothing to worry about. Sitting there talking about the week and quite honestly making fun of people around us. There was a guy in front of us that had thee worst facial hair dye job ever and like shoes from the 80s on expect they were in pristine condition. The girl to our right talked…and talked….and talked. Like only shut up to take a drink of water. We both watched and don’t think anyone else got to talk. Like just sat there listening and nodding.

So off we go to see a movie. I can remember the last movie I saw. It was 2008..been a while I would say! I hate the prices. If you and a date go you can BUY the movie for like a buck more and that is saying if you don’t get snacks. If you get snacks you would be money ahead to buy it and get snacks from the grocery! There is this little theater close to our house that is $4.50 per person to get in. That is awesome! We of course almost didn’t get to go in because they didn’t take credit card (really in this age who doesn’t) but luckily I found a secret stash of money in my purse.

For how small it is there is only one movie playing. We got to see We bought a zoo. Simple put..FABULOUS! I thought it was super cute but I am a huge fan of Matt Damon. I don’t want to give too much away but I cried..and cried a lot. AND it had nothing to do with the animals. There is actually a great plot behind it. This is not a typical movie for us to like but it actually clicked with both of us.

We got home late since the movie started at 9:30 but we have made a promise to make this a thing more often! I think time away makes you a better parent and spouse. To remember why your children are there and who your journey all began with.



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Photographer mom to three kids and a wife to a work-a-holic husband! Trying to find my footing in this crazy place we call life. Until then I guess I will keep trying... I can't say you will learn anything life changing here but I hope you will enjoy and stay awhile :)

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