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It is up!!

not where it will be however! I finally figured out what to do and did a wordpress theme but hosted through a webserving company. it isn’t the coolest one out there but cost me about 1/3rd of the money! And I am learning a new thing. My head is killing me right now and I am about to go to bed!

But I do have my own domain now! I have a page on my website so until everything merges you can still get me on here through there (are you still with me!).

is my site! enjoy!!


About klauskreations

Photographer mom to three kids and a wife to a work-a-holic husband! Trying to find my footing in this crazy place we call life. Until then I guess I will keep trying... I can't say you will learn anything life changing here but I hope you will enjoy and stay awhile :)

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