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Back to the grind

Another monday. Another day. Another dollar. Well I guess not for me! In my case it is another dirty diaper!!

Lots of doctors appointments this week. Mostly just check ups. Kind of a busy week for us. We are thinking about taking the kids to Disney on Ice. It is in Columbus and would be a long night but the boys would LOVE IT.

Off to bed but wishing Sissy a Happy 9 months today!! Can’t believe it has been 9 months since we have welcomed her into the world 😦



D-Day is here!!

Or should I say C-Day!! My computer is here!! It is seriously awesome and I am super lucky to be able to upgrade! Lots of photos and projects waiting to be editted!!

Check out my website to follow the link


It is up!!

not where it will be however! I finally figured out what to do and did a wordpress theme but hosted through a webserving company. it isn’t the coolest one out there but cost me about 1/3rd of the money! And I am learning a new thing. My head is killing me right now and I am about to go to bed!

But I do have my own domain now! I have a page on my website so until everything merges you can still get me on here through there (are you still with me!).

is my site! enjoy!!

Get them while they are HOT!

I am going to be having some major changes to my website. I am going to be merging my website with my blog so you can have all the awesomeness in one place!

To kick it off and get me pumped to get working, I am going to start a promised!!

So here is the roll down:

~First two people to book get a FREE SESSIONS
~Next five people get half off sessions which would be $15
~Next five people get $10 off bringing your session fee to $25

To make the deal sweeter..
For every $50 in prints you order you get a free standard print. NO LIMIT!

Share this on FB/TWITTER/BLOG:
come back here, book and TELL ME you shared this with link you get a free order with ANY purchase off your session.
Share this and someone books off your share then you receive TWO FREE standard prints with every $50 spent!

This seriously can’t get any better!
To book your sessions…do it quick! Email me at

First come, First Serve…


Another baby sick.

Just never seems to stop! Once one gets sick you can about guarantee another is going to catch it. Well unfortunately the youngest, the one we didn’t most want to catch it, has it. She has been a little run down the last couple days and sleeping a lot. This morning she wakes up with a 100.2 fever, cough and runny nose! Of course she was suppose to get shots today so those are on hold until next week. It always has to be something!

But the perk to a sick baby..lots of cuddle time!! She slept on me for about 45 mins this morning and I NEVER get that anymore!! It was nice but dang she gets me hot! She was sweating from laying on me and so was I!

I now have all three kids in bed (praise the lord!) and I am writing this, while hoping to catch some sleep myself!

Happy Mid-Afternoon!

Children Photography

As a mom to three kids I know how stressful pictures can be. The HOURS before hand that seem to always end up with someone fighting and someone crying. Usually you sweating over trying to get everything perfect. Usually running late or just barely getting out of the door on to. Only to remember you left something important back at home. I know we went through all of this before I started doing our children’s photos. It has been a blessing more then anyone could even know! I can sit at home on my couch and figure out what I want to shoot them in or with and I can take one kid out and enjoy MY time with them solo and get that childs true character! I mean what is there that is so special about going to a point and shoot place. You don’t have the natural feel of that child and you are spending the same if not more. Ok i guess if you go with the 9.99 deal, which yes I have done this too, you are getting them cheaper but that is what they are cheaper. The whole thing with children is to learn not to care. To go with the flow. I can truly say most of the children’s pictures have gone the best when no one is “trying” and I am just playing and ready with my camera. I love, love, love (did I say love) candid shots and I am a huge fan of getting kids in their zone! Lots of things to explore and have fun with!! That is why the outdoors is me. I love the natural colors you get and how they just pop and make a picture complete!

I have advise for all the moms worrying..don’t. Because if you have a great photographer you don’t need to worry! You should take the backseat, as much as you WANT to intervene and watch them work their magic. I think in the end it is better to have the parents not involved or at a distance. It makes for the child to have a better shoot and the parents are surprised with the end results!!


another successful trip

I always love when a CSM has to come and ok my purchases at walmart! You know you have gotten a great deal! I know some people say they don’t have the time to coupon or price match but it really, really saves a lot of money! I spent $140 tonight and that will last us for two weeks feeding a family of 5. I know some people can do better but it all depends on the store that you have locally to shop at! I will take a few pennies off whenever i can!